I have a GE logiq 9 where in a couple of cases we are unable to send to our PACS system. The last menu you use to send the cases to PACS indicates there is a case and that there are images associated with that case. You can review the case and see all the images. Is it possible to correct this or does the patient need to be recalled?

In some cases there can be issues created when a study is ended and it may not have actually closed. It may be orphaned or may be stuck in the queue. Try reviewing the study one more time and selecting End Exam. Failing that you might try exporting the exam to a disk, take it to another system, and try sending it from there. If these options don’t help, you may well have to redo the exams. Please feel free to call our ultrasound support specialist, Matt Tomory at (602) 478-8909 if you need additional support.

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