I had 15 dead front-end power supplies and 12 dead back-end power supplies, and 5 EQ4 PCBs in 12 GE logiq-9 units in the last three years. I guess there should be something wrong within Logiq-9. Could you please advise me and provide some clues to get rid of these?

This is typical when the voltage going into the system is unconditioned and/or spiking. This can be caused by not using a dedicated circuit, improper shutdown, or just a poor electrical supply current. Educating the users of the machine in proper system shutdown—particularly not removing the power cord before disabling the circuit breaker on the A/C control box—will solve your human variables.

The other can be rectified by installing a UPS system between the machine and the power source, which will help regulate the current entering the system and not only extend the life of the components but also provide emergency power during power outages.

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