How can I connect the Logiq 700 expert to a computer and capture images and save data on the computer?

Probably the best way to maintain images and data while remaining compliant with HIPPA would be to use DICOM. If your Logiq 700 has DICOM but you don’t have a DICOM server you may want to consider using Conquest DICOM software. In this particular instance, the name is the name they chose for the project and is only coincidentally the same as Conquest Imaging.

The Conquest DICOM software was written by Marcel van Herk and Lambert Zijp at the Netherlands Cancer Institute . They have decided to provide their extended DICOM software to the public domain, .

I use it in my DICOM classes and it works well. The link I provided also has a forum link for user group information.

Links: Conquest DICOM software by Marcel van Herk and Lambert Zijp:
The Netherlands Cancer Institute:
Their extended DICOM software:



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