GE Healthcare has released two new digital radiography systems that are designed to accommodate larger patients. The company announced the launch of its Optima XR646, which has a table that is reportedly capable of lifting up to 705 pounds with unlimited, or off-access, capacity. The Optima moves in eight different directions, and drops as low as 50 centimeters off the floor for easy access.

The company also announced the release of a second system, the Discovery XR656 Plus, which is reportedly equipped with advanced applications, VolumeRAD and Dual Energy, that can be used for lung nodule detection in the United States. The Discovery has an automated overhead tube positioning and tracking system designed to speed up workflow. Automated image pasting software is available at the wall stand or table.

Both the Optima XR646 and Discovery XR656 Plus are powered by GE Healthcare’s next-generation FlashPad wireless detector, which is designed for clinical x-ray.

According to the company, the new imaging workflow functionality on both digital radiography systems allows healthcare providers to access consolidated patient histories while sharing workloads across hospitals. When coupled with GE Healthcare’s new web-based Cross-Enterprise Reporting capability, clinicians can access tools like voice recognition and a consolidated view of a patient’s medical history, including all relevant prior images.

More information about the Optima XR646 and the Discovery XR656 digital radiography systems may be found on the GE Healthcare website.