Carestream now offers a ceiling-mounted tube option for its DRX-Ascend System, providing versatile positioning for a variety of imaging exams, according to the company.

“The DRX-Ascend delivers cost-effective, fully featured imaging that allows hospitals, imaging centers, orthopedic practices, and urgent care clinics to select a configuration that satisfies their imaging workflow and budget,” said Heidi McIntosh, global marketing manager for X-Ray Solutions. “DRX-Ascend users and other healthcare providers are interested in a ceiling-mounted tube because it can deliver flexible patient positioning that helps technologists perform imaging exams in less time, which can lead to greater productivity.”

The digital radiography system includes a multicolor touch-panel screen mounted at the tube stand to provide remote generator control, display image previews, and allow review of previous images for the current patient. Several detector holders are offered, to help technologists perform cross-table lateral exams and other specialty views. Facilities can use a single DRX detector with the system or opt for two or more detectors to maximize productivity and efficiency.

A floor-mounted tube stand, wall stand, and a choice of an elevating float-top table or non-elevating table are also available.