Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc has installed the first Aquilion ONE CT system at Winona Health, Winona, Minn. The system features Toshiba’s Dose Check Software and additional low dose technologies, which meet the Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance’s (MITA’s) new standard for CT system dose management.

In an effort to align with MITA’s CT Dose Check Initiative, the Toshiba software includes Dose Alert and Dose Notification, as well as Tracking and Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM). The Dose Alert feature alerts the user if the selected scan settings yield a predicted dose that exceeds an upper threshold dose value, and the Dose Notification feature allows the user to set a nominal dose notification value for each part of a protocol being run.

The Tracking software upgrade allows clinicians to create a report that can be downloaded from the system for facility quality assurance programs. The DICOM IHE SR software feature allows for the system to be configured to transmit dose related information to a PACS or workstation as an electronic file compatible with DICOM’s Integrated Healthcare Environment (IHE) Structured Reporting (SR) technical framework.