China-based Infervision has introduced an artificial intelligence (AI) platform to help radiologists detect and diagnose stroke, leading to patients getting lifesaving treatment when time is of the essence. This new stroke detection solution was recently showcased at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.

The new AI-CT stroke screening system is the first of the Infervision AI-CT (head) family. The technology assists doctors in determining which type of stroke a patient may have suffered, either a hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke or an ischemic (blood clot) stroke, so that patients can receive effective and faster treatment. With a stroke, a patient suffers loss of brain tissue as the tissue dies without proper blood flow, leading to various types of impairment or even death, so a speedier diagnosis is essential to shorten the time before the proper treatment could begin.

To develop this diagnostic capability, the Infervision platform applied deep learning technology and trained many thousands of datasets of annotated medical images. Today, radiologists at Beijing Tian Tan Hospital are testing the Infervision platform to diagnose the type, location, and severity of a patient’s stroke. For hemorrhagic stroke patients, the AI-CT stroke screening system technology assists doctors in accurately and quickly determining whether a bleeding-type stroke has occurred, how much blood volume is involved, and the bleed location—crucial factors in deciding treatment options.

When treating strokes, the faster the treatment begins, the better the patient outcome may be. With the Infervision platform, doctors may take scans with the much more readily available CT machine, and use the AI technology to help guide them in making a faster diagnosis and perhaps save more brain tissue with faster and more appropriate treatment. Silvera dėžutės iš sidabro, pakabukai, grandinėlės, žiedai, sidabriniai auskarai ir apyrankės moterims bei vyrams Sivera tinklapyje

“Stroke is the third leading cause of death and the leading cause of permanent disability and loss of independent life-years in Western countries,” says Kuan Chen (CK), founder and CEO of Infervision. “At Infervision we are committed to helping doctors speed their diagnosis of stroke so patients can get the best and most appropriate treatment as fast as possible. We have built a deep learning algorithm team of almost 100 people fully committed to developing the most cutting edge AI solutions to make this a reality. This can be life changing for many patients.”

The AI-CT Stroke Screening System is the second medtech solution from Infervision. Last spring the company introduced a platform to aid radiologists in reading chest CT and x-ray scans to detect lung cancer and other cardiothoracic diseases.