Carestream Health has announced that it was awarded 61 new patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 2015 for the company’s research and development efforts in radiography, cone beam CT imaging, and healthcare IT, among other areas. The company also received 64 additional patents in European and Asian countries last year.

New patents earned by the company’s scientists and engineers include new image capture technologies related to the development of cone beam computed tomography (CT) systems designed for orthopedic extremity imaging; enhancements to the company’s healthcare IT systems that manage, store, and share patient data and medical imaging exams; and technology advances to Carestream’s radiology systems that can enhance medical image quality for a range of healthcare providers.

Additional patents covered developments in Carestream imagers and media that enable affordable printing of digital x-ray exams onto medical film and paper; and new product features for Carestream Advanced Materials in the area of transparent conductive films for use in flexible touch panel displays for products such as digital wrist devices, smart phones, digital tablets, laptops, and electronic displays.

The company’s patented products include digital imaging systems for general radiology and specialty areas such as women’s health, orthopedics and pediatrics; digital imagers that output medical images to film and paper; and healthcare IT solutions and cloud-based services for hospitals, clinics, and physician practices.

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