Siemens Healthcare has announced that the Food and Drug Administration has cleared its Magnetom Amira 1.5 T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system, which has fast exam times and “Eco-Power” technology to enable power savings in standby mode.

According to Siemens, the technologies in the Magnetom Amira system can help lower operating costs while meeting the requirements of small and medium-sized hospitals as well as larger facilities that need an MRI scanner to complement existing systems. The Magnetom Amira is designed to enable customers to operate their MRI systems efficiently, with the potential to shorten many exams.

The Magnetom Amira has DotGO MRI software, which is intended to simplify protocol management and offer the right operating sequence for each individual scan to suit requirements, helping users increase exam consistency, reproducibility, and efficiency. The system also is equipped with Siemens’ latest applications and syngo MR E11 software architecture. According to the company, hospitals that operate a Magnetom Amira with its 60 cm patient bore alongside other Siemens systems can switch seamlessly between scanners. Users also can exchange many coils between all current 1.5T MRI systems, thanks to Tim 4G technology. The system’s software platform includes Quiet Suite technology to minimize system noise during an MRI examination, allowing some measurements to be performed inaudibly over background noise as a benefit to both clinical staff and patients.

The Magnetom Amira’s Eco-Power technology is activated during standby mode to monitor the liquefaction cycle and manage the cooling and helium re-liquefaction process more efficiently, enabling a power saving of up to 30%. In combination with “zero helium boil-off” technology, which prevents helium evaporation, the Magnetom Amira can help reduce annual operating costs.

For more information about the Magnetom Amira 1.5 T MRI system, please visit the Siemens Healthcare website.