Qfix recently announced its new insight overlay and coil holders for Siemens Healthineers’ Magnetom Aero and Skyra, which enable MRI in the same position as treatment. This technology was available for display at both the Qfix booth and the Siemens booth at the 2016 American Society for Radiation Oncology conference, which ran from September 25 to 28 in Boston.

MR is often implemented alongside radiation therapy, which is typically driven by the enhanced soft-tissue contrast offered by MRI. Typically offering improved tumor definition when compared with CT planning alone, Qfix MR patient positioning technologies enable the delivery of high-quality MR in radiation therapy. Further, Qfix’ insight overlay and coil holders enable MRI in the same position as treatment, which supports MR/CT fusion techniques, in addition to MR-only techniques.

“The insight overlay features industry standard indexing, which provides a bridge between CT and MR imaging for external beam radiation treatment,” says Dan Coppens, Qfix’s CEO and chief technology officer. “This new solution enables MR/CT fusion, as well as MR-only techniques.”

For more information about these technologies, visit Qfix.