Carestream was recently awarded the U.S. government’s DIN-PACS IV contract; the value of that contract is as high as $150 million, as estimated by the potential value of purchases of management products and services for government facilities. The medical imaging company notes that it has been providing such services under a previous contract for the past five years.

This particular contract with the U.S. government includes Carestream’s clinical collaboration platform, the Vue Motion universal viewer, the MyVue patient viewer, and the Vue Beyond management dashboard. The first technology—Vue Motion—is an image viewer with a web browser or information embedded in an electronic health record portal. As such, Vue Motion allows physicians and specialists to review patient images and information—thus enabling clinical decision-making on both mobile devices and workstations.

Carestream’s MyVue provides a secure portal for patients to access, share, and store their own images and related medical information. In addition, the Vue Beyond business intelligence and reporting dashboard accesses PACS data and provides managers with real-time access to imaging workflows, which enables efficiency improvements and the reduction of patient wait times.

This contract with the U.S. government includes a five-year base period and one five-year option period.

“Carestream continues to work closely with clinicians and medical staff at government health care facilities to equip them to deliver timely, personal care for patients and their families,” says Ludovic d’Aprea, the company’s general manager for health care information solutions. “We have a reputation for excellence in medical image management technologies, and our proven solutions are installed in commercial and government facilities in the United States and around the world.”

For more information about this contract, visit Carestream.