Accuray Incorporated announced it received a multisystem order from 21st Century Oncology for one CyberKnife M6 and four TomoHDA systems. The devices are used worldwide to provide precise radiation treatments for cancerous and noncancerous tumors throughout the body.

Accuray, which booked the multiple-unit order in its first fiscal quarter of 2016, reports that 21st Century is an integrated network of cancer treatment centers and affiliated physicians. The 21st Century network provides coordinated care from cancer diagnosis through surgery, radiation, and systemic treatment. The company operates 183 treatment centers, including 148 centers located in 17 US states and 35 centers located in six countries in Latin America.

According to Accuray, its CyberKnife M6 series and TomoTherapy H series treatment solutions cover the spectrum of radiation therapy needs. The CyberKnife M6 series, a robotic full-body radiosurgery system, is said to enable precise, high-dose distributions delivered to the patient with accuracy over a minimum number of treatments, reducing side effects and preserving quality of life.

The TomoTherapy H series of systems are designed to enable physicians to customize treatment plans for a range of radiation therapies and disease types. The systems are designed to allow treatment plans to be integrated with daily CT image guidance for improved accuracy and intensity-modulated radiation to spare healthy tissue and critical structures.

Further information on Accuray, the CyberKnife, and TomoTherapy systems is available on the Accuray website.