Eliott Jones, CEO and co-founder of Biospectal, shares in Forbes how the 6P model of healthcare including “platforms” as the new sixth “P” is providing better data and improving access to care:

Technology today enables “5P Medicine:” preventive, predictive, participatory, personalized and pertinent. The rapid move toward telehealth during the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated these shifts on a seismic scale, adding a sixth “P” to the mix: platforms.

The “6P” model driven by robust data available through new connected technologies gives clinicians a better view of a patient’s overall health and allows for customized care and improved outcomes. You’d never get a holistic snapshot of a health condition or disease with the customary 15-minute office visit. With more information, doctors can use that 15 minutes to review data and determine the best treatment.

Here’s how the six P’s of medicine work to provide better data, healthcare, and patient outcomes:

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