Suffice it to say that Avante Health Solutions made a big splash at the AAMI 2017 Conference & Expo in June—changing its name from Jordan Health Products and launching a global brand. And the Deerfield, Ill.-based company, which encompasses Global Medical Imaging (GMI), DRE, Integrated Rental Services, Pacific Medical, Oncology Services International, and Transtate, is looking to expand even more, reveals Avante Health Solutions President and Chief Operating Officer Steve Inacker.

Below, Inacker shares with 24×7 Magazine his future plans for Avante Health Solutions and discusses whether more vendor consolidation is in the works. Don’t miss out.

24×7 Magazine: What was behind the decision to change your name from Jordan Health Products to Avante Health Solutions?

Steve Inacker

Steve Inacker

Steve Inacker: We decided to rebrand to Avante Health Solutions because we felt that the Jordan Health Products name didn’t fully represent our strategy, direction, and value proposition. After all, we’re much more than a products company; we are a unique, cost-effective solutions provider.

A’vant? comes from the Latin word “abante,” which means “one who is ahead” and “forward thinking.” It also represents a group that creates or promotes innovative ideas or techniques. The new name brings our family of companies together under a common theme and message. At Avante, we are dedicated to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve in a challenging healthcare cost environment.

24×7: As president of Avante Health Solutions, what are some of your top goals for the company?

Inacker: Our primary goal is to continue to be recognized by our customers and the market as a high-quality, low-cost alternative to the OEMs for the product and service solutions that we offer, both in human and animal health. We are also working to increase the level of visibility for all Avante companies through our marketing and cross-selling campaigns. So many of our customers tell us: “We love what you do for us—such as with ultrasound service. But are there other areas that you can also help us with?”

Continued growth outside of the U.S. market is a major goal for us, as well. Yes, the international market has been relatively flat for the past few years, but we are working with new partners and new markets to expand our presence abroad.

24×7: Can you please discuss consolidation in the medical equipment industry and why it’s a growing trend?

Inacker: Consolidation is a direct response to an environment where reimbursement is declining and regulation is increasing. It’s occurring across our entire industry—with healthcare providers, manufacturers, group purchasing organizations, and service organizations—and we don’t see it subsiding anytime soon. Moreover, in this market, scale and volume are becoming increasingly important in order to remain competitive and to continue to grow profitably.

24×7: In your opinion, what are some key challenges in the medical equipment sector, and how is Avante Health Solutions working to overcome them?

Inacker: Our customers are increasingly being asked to do more with less, which means we must continue to be a highly responsive and resourceful solutions provider to support their needs and expectations. Since labor is the biggest expense for any provider—typically, over 60%!—the Avante businesses have to work with our customers at the level that makes the most sense for them. This includes providing training to help make their internal resources as effective as possible.

24×7: What else is on the horizon for Avante Health Solutions?

Inacker: Avante will continue to expand its role in the healthcare market by acquiring, partnering, and growing with healthcare companies that provide products and services for a wide range of medical and veterinary facilities. We are focused on delivering exceptional quality and value with the products and services that we offer to our customers, and we are always interested in working with strong companies that complement our product lines and full life-cycle services.