Chicago-based Tripp Lite, a global manufacturer of power protection and connectivity solutions, makes it simple to add space to a fully populated server rack. The new SmartRack Vertical Extensions install on top of Tripp Lite floor-standing rack enclosures to provide extra space for equipment in data centers and server rooms.

Also known as top hats, the vertical extensions provide a practical solution for expanding installations in locations that do not have the physical space to accommodate an additional rack. Compared to adding or replacing a rack, expanding vertically eliminates the expense of purchasing a new full-size rack and saves the time and hassle of moving equipment. The extensions are also a way to manage door height limits and shipping restrictions on tall racks; a shorter main rack can be used and a vertical extension added after the main rack is in place.

Available in 6U (SRTH6UB) and 12U (SRTH12UB) sizes, the vertical extensions are compatible with standard Tripp Lite floor-standing rack enclosures (600 mm wide and 1050 mm deep) with a removable roof panel (removal is optional for extension installation). Locking doors and side panels provide the physical equipment and media security required for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance.

“Creating additional rack space used to require more floor space, time-consuming reorganization, or expensive upgrades,” says Karol Szacilowski, Tripp Lite’s assistant product manager, racks and cooling. “Tripp Lite’s vertical extensions give IT directors the flexibility to expand the rack enclosures they already have. The extensions maximize space in an existing footprint while saving time and money.”

Key Features of Tripp Lite’s SmartRack Vertical Extensions:

• Add 6U or 12U of rack space without additional floor space

• Adjustable mounting rails accommodate 19-inch rack equipment

• Roof panel is removable and has openings for easy cable access

• Open bottom allows cable access from the main rack

• Rear doors are split to require less clearance

• Key-locking doors and side panels help keep equipment secure

Featured image: Tripp Lite SmartRack 6U Vertical Extension Top Hat for Server Racks (Credit: Tripp Lite)