Phoenix Data Systems Incaaa
(Southfield, Mich) offers AIMS.NET, which provides real-time access to your data from anywhere using Internet Explorer 5.5. This fast, Web-based computerized maintenance-management system resides on your server or can be hosted as an application service provider. AIMS.NET components are fully integrated to help manage your equipment, work orders, contracts, parts inventory, and more. Its Dispatch Center assigns work orders from a central location while its Digital Dashboard provides management with real-time gauge-style key performance indicators. More than 130 reports help you meet management objectives and requirements. Phoenix Data Systems has more than 22 years of experience serving equipment maintenance needs for health care. (800) 541-2467;
Harvest data Systems Inc
Harvest Data Systems Inc (New Port Richey, Fla) offers intuitive computerized maintenance management software. In fact, most of its customers require very little training on the system, resulting in less “downtime” between applications. HarvestCEMS arrives at the work site with more than 100 professionally presented reports and 400 preventive maintenance procedures. Because the software was developed and is maintained by a biomed with more than 20 years of experience, HarvestCEMS follows your natural workflow and anticipates your next move. (727) 843-9832;

Wellsoft Corp
Wellsoft Corp (Somerset, NJ) provides integrated software solutions for emergency departments. Analyzing existing workflow and infrastructure, each system is configured to meet the individual challenges faced by each emergency department. Wellsoft v10, with a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, features integrated Web links that provide secure access to essential resources; patient tracking; clinical documentation, orders, and results; and discharge instructions and reports. Wellsoft v10 can now audit all access to a patient record, as well as track any changes to that patient record. Use any combination of wireless, laptop, and desktop workstations and choose LAN/WAN, Web-enabled, or thin client implementation. Wellsoft v10 supports any individual hospital or enterprisewide architecture. Wellsoft also provides 24/7 software support. (800) 597-9909;

Siemens Medical Solutions
Siemens Medical Solutions (Malvern, Pa) offers Soarian®, a new-generation health-information solution for a new era in health care. Built from the ground up, Soarian helps customers manage health care processes —not just the data. The solution helps customers orchestrate all aspects of health care workflow, such as administrative, clinical, and financial, in one holistic solution that spans the health care continuum. Soarian incorporates an industry-leading workflow engine and is designed to help customers achieve sustainable process change, with improved efficiencies and reduced cost, resulting in better outcomes. (888) 826-9702;