Rigol Technologies Inc’s new, LXI-certified DM3058E digital multimeter has 5½ digits resolution and dual-display. With prices starting at $449, the DM3058E can also enable system integration, facilitating high-precision, multifunction, and automatic measurement applications. Rigol’s DM3058E digital multimeter features measurement speeds of up to 123 readings per second and has 10 programmable preset configurations, including built-in cold terminal compensation for thermocouples. The DM3058E  features True-RMS AC Voltage measuring from 200 mV to 750V and True-RMS AC Current with a measurement range of 20 mA ~ 10A.


DM3058E supports 10 different types of measurements including DC Voltage (ranges: 200mV ~ 1000V), AC Voltage (ranges: 200 mV ~ 750V), DC Current (ranges: 200?A ~ 10A), AC Current (ranges: 20mA ~ 10A), Frequency Measurement (ranges: 20Hz ~ 1MHz), 2-Wire and 4-Wire Resistance (ranges: 200? ~ 100M?), as well as diode, continuity, and capacitance.