Sonitor, a provider of proprietary, ultrasound-based real-time location systems (RTLS) and indoor positioning systems (IPS) was rated above average for RTLS hardware performance by healthcare providers.

This was recognized by KLAS, a data-driven company that seeks to improve healthcare by enabling provider and payer voices to be heard and counted. From April 2021 to April 2022, Sonitor scored an average of 87.7* out of a possible 100 based on early limited data. The market average for RTLS over that same 12-month period, including Sonitor, was 81.7 putting Sonitor six points above the average.

Clients interviewed by KLAS spoke highly of the quality of Sonitor’s product, their responsiveness, and support. Feedback from current customers included an end user stating: “This product is the best product for this type of application. The technology that it runs on outshines all the competition,” according to an anonymous manager.

KLAS is an organization that independently monitors vendor performance through the active participation of healthcare organizations, and healthcare professionals throughout the United States. The KLAS ratings are based on interviews using KLAS’ standard quantitative evaluation for healthcare RTLS hardware measuring six key performance indicators – culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship and value – reflecting a 100-point performance scale. These ratings are used by providers in healthcare to make informed purchase decisions.

“We are honored to be rated so highly by our customers, especially during the pandemic when our health system customers faced so many unprecedented challenges delivering quality care,” says Anne M. Bugge, president & CEO, Sonitor Technologies, Inc. “Their recognition that Sonitor Sense RTLS continued to provide significant value and aided in their ability to take care of patients during this critical time makes us incredibly proud to serve our healthcare clients.”

RTLS has become a critical tool in healthcare to enable locating, monitoring of tasks and events, and tracking the movement of people and medical equipment. As RTLS use cases continue to evolve, the importance and value they bring to healthcare also continues to grow.

Sonitor’s Sense RTLS platform automatically tracks the real-time location of movable equipment and people with 100% room or sub-room level accuracy in complex, indoor environments, such as hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers and long term care facilities. With an open integration platform, Sonitor provides the flexibility to leverage best-in-class software application solutions covering many uses such as nurse call, patient flow, workflow and capacity management, hand hygiene, infection control, temperature monitoring, asset, and inventory management.

*Survey based on limited data for Sonitor.