AccurKardia, a software company that provides clinical-grade, device agnostic, automated electrocardiogram (ECG) analytics, will collaborate with Mawi, a medtech provider of medical grade wearables in the cardiac space, to integrate its proprietary ECG analytics into Mawi’s new cardiac monitoring watch.

This collaboration highlights AccurKardia’s commitment to enabling world-class cardiac-care through remote patient monitoring solutions. As part of the collaboration, AccurKardia’s innovation in device agnostic automated ECG analytics will complement Mawi’s proven expertise in designing, developing and deploying superior cardiac monitoring devices and wearables, the company says.

“Joining forces will provide our new Mawi Watch with next level ECG analytics as we create a fully integrated solution for chronic patients’ cardiac remote monitoring,” says Ron Fridman, the CEO of Mawi. “We’re on a mission to beat the heart’s ‘silent killers’ and our new cardiac monitoring solution will empower clinicians at all stages of patient management, identifying cardiovascular issues earlier and more effectively.”

This joint offering will enable the early detection of potentially life-threatening cardiovascular conditions that may be otherwise missed or diagnosed at a late stage.

“We are excited to work with Mawi, an innovative medtech player developing a new generation of cardiac monitoring devices and wearables. Both AccurKardia and Mawi have a shared goal of improving patient outcomes through superior remote patient monitoring solutions,” says Juan C. Jiménez, CEO of AccurKardia. “By equipping the next generation of wearables with automated ECG analysis capabilities, together we are raising the bar in cardiovascular health monitoring, improving access to quality care and ultimately saving lives.”