Agfa HealthCare has announced that it was awarded a new 3-year group purchasing contract with Premier Inc, a healthcare improvement company, to provide its digital radiography (DR) solutions to the alliance’s approximately 3,600 member hospitals and 120,000 alternate healthcare sites in the US.

Effective October 1, 2015 through August 31, 2018, this contract is the latest in a progression of contracts over the 20-year relationship between Agfa HealthCare and Premier, which spans back to 1995. Agfa HealthCare also has enterprise image management solutions, computed radiography, and medical film and imagers contracts with Premier.

The contract covers Agfa’s entire line of DR solutions, along with the company’s third generation of MUSICA advanced digital x-ray image processing software and workstation. The complete list of DR systems and DR detectors available under the new agreement include the DX-D Retrofit, an upgrade solution that helps healthcare enterprises move to DR using their existing imaging equipment; the wireless DX-D 100 direct radiography (DR) unit with FreeView Technology; the DX-D 300 DR system with a single detector and a fully-motorized positioner; the DR 400 system, which has multiple digital configurations; the DX-D 600 DR ceiling-mounted system; the DX-D 10 portable digital detector; and the DX-D 40C wireless digital detector for both conventional and mobile digital x-ray systems.

Agfa reports that all of its DR solutions operate with MUSICA image processing software and can be used with its workstation’s single user interface. Now in its third generation, MUSICA technology is said to provide consistent results and virtually eliminate the need for post processing adjustments by the technologist or radiologist. When used with cesium iodide detector technology, facilities can achieve up to 60% dose reduction potential for patients using Agfa HealthCare DR systems.

For more information about the agreement, read the news release on the Agfa Healthcare website.