TRIMEDX, a provider of clinical engineering, medical device cybersecurity, and clinical asset management solutions, hosted its 5th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) on Thursday, October 6. The TRIMEDX Women’s Leadership Conference was created in 2018 to contribute to diverse talent in the industry, specifically at the leadership level, and to provide opportunities for growth, networking, and professional development. 

The healthcare technology management (HTM) industry has long been a male-dominated workforce. TRIMEDX understands the need for diverse talent, creating a culture of belonging, and the importance of advancing its associates through continued education and professional development, providing opportunities and knowledge to bring their best self to work.

“HTM needs more female leaders. Women hold 27% of TRIMEDX leadership positions, and while that statistic is higher than the industry average, we know there remains room for growth,” says Dawn Griffin, chief human resources and diversity officer at TRIMEDX. “The Women’s Leadership Conference was created as a way to focus on women in leadership and ensure that development, support, and strong networks are available within our organization.”

The TRIMEDX Women’s Leadership Conference brought together nearly 200 female associates. At the conference, attendees participated in small group activities, networking opportunities, community support, a variety of internal and external keynote speaking engagements, as well as presentations focused on development and leadership skills. Andrea Butcher, CEO of HRD Advisory Group, and Dr. Ali Atkinson of HRD Advisory Group, were two of the external speakers. Key workshop and speaker topics included:

“The work TRIMEDX is doing to elevate all associates through professional development is so critical for the healthcare technology management industry,” says Jenn Nichols, division vice president and WLC committee member at TRIMEDX. “The Women’s Leadership Conference allowed our female team members to find community and a safe space to grow as professionals in HTM.”