The August 15-16 technical conference hosted by the Georgia Biomedical Instrumentation Society (GBIS) will include a 2-day course on maintaining Covidien’s ForceTriad energy platform. Led by Dale Munson, the course will cover how to install, set up, operate, calibrate, and troubleshoot the electrosurgical unit. Certification will be granted to those attendees who successfully pass the hands-on at the end of the course.

Notable Friday sessions at the conference include an all-day equipment workshop for nursing and medical staff and a CBET certification review led by Mike O’Rear, PhD, of Biomedical Education Services. Saturday classes include overviews of the computerized maintenance management systems, CT best practices, modern technology for EEG service training, medical gas systems, and clinical aspects of ultrasound system diagnostics. In addition, Melba Lawrence of GE Medical Systems will explain the theory, operation, and troubleshooting techniques of anesthesia machines.

The GBIS conference will be held at the Southern Regional Emory Healthcare Network in Atlanta. For more information, visit the GBIS website.