US Med-Equip has partnered with Gentherm to expand the distribution of Gentherm’s Blanketrol System in the U.S. healthcare market. The partnership offers hospitals access to advanced temperature management devices and comprehensive service plans to boost device performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Distribution Partnership: US Med-Equip will distribute Gentherm’s Blanketrol System, including the Blanketrol III and related products.
  • Patient Care Implications: The Blanketrol System helps manage temperature in critical conditions.

US Med-Equip has partnered with Gentherm, a manufacturer of patient temperature management systems, to expand distribution of Gentherm’s Blanketrol System in the U.S. healthcare market.

Expanded Access to Temperature Management Devices

The agreement enables hospitals nationwide that rely on US Med-Equip to purchase Gentherm’s Blanketrol III Hyper-Hypothermia device, Maxi-Therm Lite water blankets, Kool-Kits, and a four-year total warranty package.

According to Gentherm, the Blanketrol System can be used in nearly any situation where a clinician needs a Hyperthermia-Hypothermia System to support the management of a patient’s temperature, ranging from fever to Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy in newborns, to patients suffering from cardiac arrest and other traumatic, ischemic events.

“Our partnership with Gentherm bolsters our unrelenting commitment to healthcare heroes seeking smarter solutions that uphold the highest standard of care for every patient seeking comfort and healing,” said Greg Salario, US Med-Equip CEO.

Comprehensive Service and Maintenance

The new partnership also offers field service and preventative maintenance plans to hospital customers, leveraging US Med-Equip’s extensive team of field service technicians. By utilizing US Med-Equip’s Gentherm-certified technicians, hospitals can keep their devices operating effectively, protect their investment, and minimize unforeseen downtime.

“The relationship with US Med-Equip is incredibly exciting and leverages our respective strengths, adding significant value for our customers,” said Steve Fletcher, Gentherm Medical’s senior vice president and general manager. “Combining our temperature management expertise with US Med-Equip’s long-standing hospital relationships and superior customer service and field support allows us to deliver a comprehensive solution to hospitals.”