Phoenix Data Systems, Southfield, Mich., has partnered with Asimily, Sunnyvale, Calif., to combine their respective AIMS and INSIGHT platforms to provide a complete, end-to-end lifecycle, cybersecurity, asset, and risk management solution for healthcare delivery organizations.

Blending the most complete feature-function healthcare CMMS available with a comprehensive connected asset inventory, cyber-risk threat prioritization, intelligence, and lifecycle data processing platform, the two industry partners enhance and deliver a world-class medical device cybersecurity risk mitigation platform to support the HTM departments as well as the broad ecosystem of stakeholders across today’s always connected healthcare organization.

The integrated solutions deliver auto-discovery capabilities that automate the challenging process of creating and maintaining a single, trusted medical device inventory with the critical data elements required in the connected healthcare environment. As the BlueKeep vulnerability exposed earlier this year, the need to quickly identify, locate, and track connected devices is critical to maintain patient safety and hospital operations as well as to secure private data and healthcare networks.

With the two platforms integrated, clients are able to meld connected device profiles on the network for identification and classification along with new, modern capabilities to prioritize at-risk devices and the most critical vulnerabilities to provide device- and vulnerability-specific remediations.

Phoenix Data Systems’ AIMS and Asimily’s INSIGHT platforms support noninvasive monitoring for real-time threat detection and a system of action for HTM and security operations teams to work together for rapid remediation of known vulnerabilities and threats. With the bidirectional integration AIMS benefits from real-time security incident information to drive the cybersecurity remediation workflows and enriches Asimily’s machine learning and AI capabilities using rich contextual medical device data.