Inovalon, a Bowie, Md.-based provider of cloud-based platforms empowering data-driven healthcare, announced the launch of the Inovalon DataStream API, allowing any authorized cloud-based, traditional enterprise, or mobile app software system to benefit from the power of comprehensive patient-specific data and analytical derivations on demand and in real time.

Countless technology systems across the healthcare ecosystem are limited in their capabilities and effectiveness due to poor or altogether absent access to deep patient-specific healthcare data. First responders, EHR-based provider systems, healthcare-related call centers, retail clinics, and newly emerging consumer-centric applications are only a small sample of systems that suffer from the challenges of inaccessible, incomplete, or old data. The result is that care providers are forced to assess and treat patients with incomplete insight, order otherwise unnecessary tests, consume costly time and resources gathering data from disparate sources, and fall short in efforts to personalize consumer applications and engagement.

To this situation, Inovalon brings the Inovalon DataStream API, empowering the real-time accessibility of comprehensive patient-specific healthcare data and analytical insights. EHRs can be aware of medications prescribed years ago from far-off physicians; EMTs can know of a patient’s critical heart condition within seconds; pharmacists can be aware of newly added medications and drug allergies otherwise not within their systems; physicians can augment the data within their EHR to look back years before a patient’s first visit to their practice group or hospital, or from across town where different EHRs are used; pharmaceutical companies can be aware of a patient’s eligibility for a clinical trial; and mobile apps can automatically incorporate patient-specific healthcare information on the fly.

Benefits could include better care, better outcomes, lower healthcare error rates, faster speed-to-treatment, lower costs of operation, greater product and service differentiation, and empowerment of consumer-focused solutions.

The Inovalon DataStream API brings the power of comprehensive patient-specific data and analytical derivations to any authorized software platform on demand and in real time. Accessible through Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-enabled application programming interfaces (APIs), calls to the Inovalon DataStream API can access and return an extensive range of sought after longitudinally linked data types, formats, historical look-back periods, and analytical derivations. 

The Inovalon DataStream Module aggregates available data pertaining to the specified patient from Inovalon’s massive longitudinally linked data assets, externally connected datasets, connected partners, decision support platforms, EHRs, HIEs, and myriad other platforms within seconds. Resulting data can be reformatted, normalized, or analyzed as specified within the original API calls before returning results to the requesting application within seconds. 

Data accessible through the Inovalon DataStream includes clinical data (e.g., diagnosis, laboratory results, medications, allergies, surgical procedures, etc.), sociodemographic data, outcomes data, quality data, risk data, clinical encounter details, benefit coverage details, eligibility, and much more. Applications of the Inovalon DataStream are extensive and able to be incorporated into Inovalon solution offerings, client platforms, and third-party software platforms allowing for the detailed patient-specific data to empower highly patient-specific encounters and experiences on demand.

As part of its Inovalon ONE Platform, Inovalon says it maintains one of the nation’s largest networks of healthcare data connectivity and the nation’s largest primary-source healthcare dataset containing deep, longitudinally matched data pertaining to more than 319 million patients and 56 billion medical events, empowering a significant breadth of the U.S. marketplace, including 24 of the nation’s largest 25 health plans, and 19 of the nation’s largest 25 provider systems. Through a FHIR-enabled, real-time clinical data exchange, patient authentication toolsets, and easy to configure interfaces, clients can readily leverage the Inovalon DataStream to access the data and analytical insights they need in real time.

Due to the API architecture of the Inovalon DataStream, older enterprise software systems can take advantage of Inovalon’s advanced data and analytical capabilities without having to make holistic “rip out and replace” decisions. This capability provides flexibility of modular design, inserting industry-leading data and analytical insights into solutions that would otherwise be considered antiquated or inadequate by the progression of healthcare towards an increasingly data-driven and consumer-centric design architecture.

“We are pleased to announce this new on-demand capability, significantly expanding the number, scale, and breadth of opportunities to which we can bring the power of patient-specific data and analytics,” says Keith Dunleavy, MD, Inovalon’s chief executive officer and chairman of the board. “We are committed to advancing data-driven strategies within the healthcare ecosystem, and the Inovalon DataStream is just one more way we are working towards this important goal.”

The Inovalon DataStream is a Module within the Inovalon ONE Platform. All data provided through DataStream is subject to strict authorization, access, and data security requirements.