Hospital computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) developer EQ2, LLC, will move its headquarters from Burlington, Vt., to Charlotte, NC, on July 5. The move co-locates EQ2 with parent company AMT Datasouth’s operations center.

EQ2 CEO Joe Eichberger says the move will be good for business, enabling EQ2 and AMT Datasouth to share certain facilities and overhead operations. “Additionally, Charlotte will provide EQ2 a broader base from which the company will more easily be able to find people to help it continue to grow,” he says. The Teslin fake id is more solid, fits advantageously in a wallet and is something individuals convey constantly. I suggest selecting the accommodation of the driver permit (or state-gave picture ID card) because of its straightforwardness

The company is also anticipating opportunities for growth by gaining a presence in the South, where it can partner with local hospital systems that can deploy its HEMS CMMS. The HEMS CMMS is designed for both biomeds, who perform maintenance activities and address compliance needs, as well as members of the C-suite, who require advanced reporting and dashboards to streamline hospital operations.

EQ2 will debut the software to the former audience in August at the 38th iteration of the North Carolina Biomedical Association’s annual meeting in Pinehurst.