Crothall Healthcare’s Healthcare Technology Solutions (HTS) division announces the launch of teamQUEST, a dedicated web-based Quality Management System (QMS) platform powered by Intelex. According to Crothall officials, teamQUEST provides a singular platform to structure the QMS, allowing it to react, expand, and evolve more effectively over time. It also ensures consistency in in operations, enhancing the repeatability of a particular process, they say.

“Data is key. TeamQUEST provides HTS the ability to collect and collate our quality data to quickly provide reports, insight, and trends, using automation to help staff work smarter and more effectively,” says Sheila O’Donnell, vice president of Crothall’s Technical Resource Group. “The automated data capture allows our staff the ability to complete quality inspections on a mobile application, track customer feedback through to resolution, and provide managers with a holistic view of QMS training compliance.”

Corrective and Preventive Action  (CAPA) is a key piece of the HTS quality program. The teamQUEST CAPA module helps identify, anticipate, and correct defects and nonconformances that prevent services from meeting customer requirements. It does this by tracking existing or potential nonconformances to identify root causes, initiate containment, and develop an appropriate action plan to prevent future defects.

Moreover, the Document Control module within teamQUEST provides the ability to easily view and reference the QMS Procedures. The module also includes a function to allow users to quickly submit change requests to a documented procedure that are then submitted to the document owner(s), which efficiently facilitates changes that  previously would have taken much longer to occur.

Finally, the Training Management module provides full QMS training compliance tracking and email notification for QMS training assignments, allowing managers to closely track their staffs’ QMS training requirements.

“Ultimately the 1uality data captured in teamQUEST enables HTS to identify opportunities, which ensure our program’s continuous improvement and high levels of clients satisfaction,” says O’Donnell.