Gridspace, a provider of voice technology and artificial intelligence software, received Certification Status for information security and compliance from the Health Information Trust (HITRUST).

HITRUST certification is a high standard for all companies that create, access, store or exchange sensitive and regulated data, the company says. It is also globally recognized by cybersecurity and privacy-minded companies beyond healthcare.

Healthcare providers, along with other organizations partnering with Gridspace, can be confident that the strongest

Robust security measures from Gridspace are being enforced to safeguard healthcare provider data, with the added benefit of enabling the providers to streamline their own regulatory processes.

The HITRUST certification covers Gridspace’s full stack cloud platform, including Gridspace Grace, a virtual agent solution, and Gridspace Sift, a real-time voice observability suite. Healthcare contact centers, telemedicine operators and insurance providers use Gridspace to understand and expedite patient care.

Gridspace’s compliance tools secure voice and chat communications from start to finish. The platform includes state of the art speaker identification, redaction, retention, and permission-based access controls specifically built for streaming audio and sensitive conversation data. Gridspace software is built in house and uses no third-party cloud APIs.

“Gridspace is pleased to receive this top-level certification from HITRUST,” says Evan Macmillan, CEO of Gridspace. “It shows our commitment to healthcare organizations and their patients.”