St. Charles, Mo.-based BC Group International Inc. announced the hiring of Tim Welby as the company’s new national sales and marketing manager. He brings a strong background of working in the healthcare industry and a successful career with the laboratory division of Siemens.

“I’m excited to be part of BC Group and look forward to working with and supporting our customers,” says Welby. “Being involved in healthcare is rewarding and during this COVID-19 pandemic the role of an essential worker is even more significant.”

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“We have numerous opportunities for the company to build on our already successful BC Biomedical product line and the marketing of our 75 other distributed product lines. Tim will play a key role in the introduction of several new products and services this coming year,” says Mel Roche, president of BC Group. “Our in-house engineering department continues to develop new and exciting test equipment for this ever-changing market. It will be Tim’s responsibility to bring those products to market.”