Healthcare industry leaders Sodexo and PartsSource have partnered to enhance healthcare technology management for their healthcare clients across North America. Gaithersburg, Md.-based Sodexo and Aurora, Ohio-based PartsSource improve healthcare providers’ financial health and the lives of patients and care teams by ensuring optimal equipment maintenance and availability. In joining forces, both companies aim to deliver enhanced clinical outcomes by leveraging a software-enabled, evidence-based medical device supply chain, and a proactive medical equipment repair and maintenance service offering. 

Across North America, healthcare facilities are challenged by the cost of managing and maintaining their medical equipment. This partnership expands the current capabilities of Sodexo Healthcare, whose clients will enjoy optimized performance, driven by an evidenced-based approach to healthcare technology management, and a range of analytics to deliver better outcomes. Sodexo is gaining access to PartsSource software, data, and operational support to leverage an evidence- and outcome-based method that will contribute to improving patient care, healthcare quality, and productivity of human and medical capital.

Through this partnership, PartsSource will expand its network of highly technical service partners in its recently launched On-Site Service marketplace offering with curated and credentialed access to over 1,300 service engineers from its base of 3,500 hospital clients.

Healthcare systems across the United States and Canada are concerned with operating costs, equipment maintenance, and patient fears associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Sodexo and PartsSource are responding to these challenges with data-driven methods to provide comprehensive asset management to address operational challenges.  

“Sodexo Healthcare brings a suite of innovative best-in-class solutions that are inextricably linked to clinical care delivery. Analytics powered by real-time data helps us prioritize tasks that keep the patient at the forefront of care. We are taking this opportunity to invest in our healthcare technology management business to further strengthen our efficacy in delivering value and improved performance for our healthcare clients,” says Catherine J. Tabaka, CEO for Sodexo Healthcare North America. “Through our partnership with PartsSource we are enhancing our healthcare technology management expertise and continuing to drive financial and clinical outcomes for our clients with supply chain reliability and resiliency.”

“PartsSource has built a leadership position by applying evidence-based methods to improve clinical outcomes and operational performance related to optimal management of the medical device supply chain—key to ensuring a safe patient experience, caregiver satisfaction and high clinical throughput,” says Philip Settimi, MSE, MD, president and CEO, PartsSource. “I am delighted with Sodexo’s decision to partner with us, which will extend our patented decision support technology to a new provider segment, resulting in a more reliable supply chain and better clinical outcomes for healthcare providers across the country.”