Alpha Source Group (ASG), which delivers service and solutions for biomedical, surgical, and diagnostic imaging (DI) under three brands—Alpha Source, Medical Optics and BC Technical—will showcase its set of capabilities during the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) technical exhibit, which takes place in Chicago from November 28 to December 1.

During the last year, ASG has experienced growth through expanded service contracts with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of DI equipment as well as OEMs of other medical devices including plasma extractors, infusion pumps, and ventilators; and recently secured a major new partnership agreement with a global diagnostic imaging OEM to act as their exclusive distributor of imaging, life care solutions, and ultrasound products to one of the largest private healthcare systems in the U.S. 

After more than doubling its top line growth in 2021, ASG has also significantly expanded its pool of imaging field service engineers and field technical engineers and plans to continue hiring talent for those roles through spring 2022. ASG’s CEO, Allan Klotsche, says he’s happy to see customers across all segments embracing ASG’s strategy and attributes the company’s expansion to both its flexibility and its expertise in designing custom solutions. 

“COVID has presented an entirely new set of challenges for our customers. Over the last year, one of our leading OEM customers was so pleased with the array of creative service solutions we provided, that they asked us to take on additional service and PM duties for another one of their product lines. Our team has done a really nice job of listening to the challenges our customers are facing and quickly and creatively developing solutions,” says Klotsche.

Klotsche also cites other substantial strategic agreements that ASG continues to forge between OEMs and healthcare facilities that not only elevate the company as a supply chain partner for major manufacturers, but more importantly, enable it to bring greater value in the long term to all healthcare facilities ASG serves.