Ekahau Inc, Reston, Va, introduces a Wi-Fi hand hygiene monitoring solution that automatically monitors hand hygiene of employees in health care facilities.

The Ekahau RTLS offer the ability to track the location and staff interactions with patients, as well as monitor hand hygiene activity on an individual caregiver basis. Utilizing the GOJO SmartLink Series Dispensers with the Ekahau RTLS, customers can monitor hand hygiene.

The hand hygiene solution combines Ekahau location-enabled staff badges and Ekahau beacons that are embedded into GOJO’s SmartLink Series Dispensers located throughout a hospital. The staff badges enable the RTLS system to automatically monitor when the staff member washes his or her hands before and after interacting with a patient, in order to calculate compliance based on hospital policy. Staff members can also receive reminders to help improve hand hygiene compliance.