By using the Accelero Connect integration platform from Accent on Integration (AOI), Baptist Health Richmond, Richmond, Ky, now enables data sharing between its intensive care unit (ICU) vital signs monitors and the hospital’s hospital information system (HIS).

The 105-bed acute care hospital has streamlined clinician workflow and reduced the risk for possible documentation errors by integrating Philips IntelliVue patient monitors in the ICU with its MEDITECH 6.0 HIS. The hospital achieved this data sharing by leveraging Accelero Connect.

Prior to the integration, nurses manually captured vital signs and entered it into the HIS. With Accelero Connect in place, ICU workflows have been revamped to remove time-consuming data entry and ensure that vital signs data is automatically documented, improving quality of patient care.

Baptist Health clinicians now have real-time access to pertinent patient data, as Accelero Connect enables physicians to view patient vitals from other areas of the hospital and/or their offices to identify trends and prescribe corresponding treatments.

AOI enables data sharing by interconnecting health care organizations’ disparate technology systems and patient care devices using its vendor, manufacturer, and modality neutral Accelero Connect integration platform and its portfolio of professional services and consulting.