Since most biomed associations claim that member participation is the most significant issue facing the organization, the groups likely encounter an interesting dilemma: Where do future leaders come from? Almost all biomed associations have some sort of succession plan for their leadership necessitating new members to take the reins. Bringing in a new perspective often acts as a way to further an association’s goals and offer members different experiences. But with an admittedly hot-and-cold membership, and most of the leadership positions assumed on a volunteer basis, cultivating new leaders seems like a logical, persisting problem.

If you are a member of a biomed association, have you ever considered taking—or have you ever assumed—a leadership position in the organization? Why or why not? Has your association ever struggled to appoint incoming leaders or does this problem generally solve itself in due time? Would you ever consider stepping up to take one of these officer roles if the association was struggling to find volunteers?