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Adapting to HTM’s Changes

From an HTM perspective, the 2010s have been a decade of vast change—and challenges. Chief editor Keri Forsythe-Stephens highlights some of the key changes here.

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HTM Expert Roundtable

Here, six of the top luminaries in HTM discuss the biggest headlines from 2019 and what to expect in 2020 and beyond.

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The Year Ahead in HTM

With 2019 coming to a close, 24×7 Magazine asked four industry leaders for their thoughts on where medical technology is headed, and for the trends that they think will impact HTM in 2020 and beyond. Here’s what they had to say.

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AAMI Partners with Other Industries to Promote Job Openings

On the heels of the latest jobs report, AAMI is partnering with three other U.S. industries—the professional landscape sector, the foodservice distribution industry, and the grocery sector—to encourage job seekers to explore the many career opportunities in their respective fields.

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PartsSource Adds 1000th Hospital to Managed Service Model System

Aurora, Ohio-based PartsSource announces that it has added its 1,000th hospital client to PartsSource Pro, a managed service model—which, company officials say, combines best processes, cloud-software, and logistical support to deliver performance for clinical engineering organizations in the United States.

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What’s in It for Me?

If you’ve ever mulled joining an HTM association or wondered how association membership could benefit you, Tim Cordes says his story serves as just one small example. Read his account here.