Summary: Clinica Imbanaco has won ECRI’s 2024 Health Technology Excellence Award for their outstanding initiatives in improving patient safety and health technology management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clinica Imbanaco implemented several innovative health technology initiatives, including a comparative evaluation model for surgery systems and an intelligent infusion system for drug administration.
  • The clinic established an ISO/IEC accredited metrology lab and a medical equipment alarm management program, contributing to improved patient safety and reduced maintenance costs.

ECRI named Clinica Imbanaco the winner of its 2024 Health Technology Excellence Award. ECRI’s annual award honors a member facility for implementing an exceptional initiative to improve patient safety, reduce costs, or otherwise facilitate better strategic management of health technology.

Recognizing Excellence in Healthcare

Clinica Imbanaco is one of southwestern Colombia’s largest, most distinguished full-service hospitals. It was the first health institution in southwestern Colombia to obtain the seal of accreditation from Joint Commission International and Planetree’s gold seal certification for patient-centered care. It offers a comprehensive range of medical services.

Innovative Health Technology Initiatives

Clinica Imbanaco was selected for the award in recognition of several initiatives they executed to improve the management of health technology and patient safety.

Comparative Evaluation Model

To acquire an intra and extracranial surgery system, the clinic implemented a comparative evaluation model based on scientific evidence methodology. This approach to acquiring new technologies helps identify the most effective and safe option for patients and minimize the risk of complications.

Alarm Management Program

A medical equipment alarm management program was successfully implemented in the complex clinic environment to ensure the relevant and critical alarms are forwarded to the correct personnel from patient monitoring and bedside devices.

In-House Metrology Lab

The clinic established an in-house metrology lab that achieved ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accreditation, meeting the organization’s international quality standards for the efficacy, impartiality, and consistent operation of testing and calibration laboratories.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

The clinic led efforts to reduce corrective maintenance costs and medical technology-related failures.

Intelligent Infusion System

For safe and secure drug administration to patients, the hospital implemented an intelligent infusion system that minimizes programming errors. The system’s customized drug library includes dosing ranges and other safety limits for individual drugs.

“We are impressed with the broad range of health technology initiatives led by Clinica Imbanaco to enhance patient safety,” says Marcus Schabacker, MD, PhD, president and CEO of ECRI. “Over the last several years, they elevated so many facets of patient care through technology – from the calculated acquisition of new surgery equipment to the safe and responsible use of existing tools, and standardizing medication delivery with safeguards. We applaud their commitment to stay vigilant in the use of health technology for their patients.”