Similar to Apple‘s right to repair initiative announced late last year, Samsung will sell spare parts and tools to consumers so they may perform their own repairs on certain Galaxy devices.

You’ll soon be able to fix your Galaxy phones and tablets yourself thanks to a new Samsung self-repair initiative.

Samsung U.S. has announced that it will be helping users to repair their Galaxy S20Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Tab S7 Plus devices starting this summer. It’ll provide official parts, tools and guides to help you replace commonly broken components like your display, back glass or USB-C port, with the help of the repair experts at iFixit. Once you’ve swapped the parts, you can then send the broken ones to Samsung for recycling.

The most recent Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 models aren’t included, which is a shame if you’ve just upgraded from these older models. But Samsung says it plans to expand its offering in the future.

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