As interest in right to repair legislation continues to garner traction in the United States—in tandem with Apple and Samsung announcing right to repair options for some of their devices—lawmakers in Europe are similarly making critical legislative decisions surrounding the movement.

European lawmakers are voting in plenary on a Right to Repair resolution today amid calls for the initiative to go even further.

The draft motion for resolution [PDF] cited a survey that found 79 percent of EU citizens thought that manufacturers should make repairs easier, with 77 percent saying a repair would be preferable to replacement, and called for access to parts, repair information, and standardization among devices.

To that end, the motion emphasizes labels to indicate repairability and expected lifetime for products, access to parts and repair facilities, an extension to liability for defective goods beyond two years, and calls on the European Commission to “always take into account the highest possible level of consumer protection and consumer welfare.”

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