In the last few years, the focus on the “network” has caused many a biomed consternation. Some, however, have taken this transition in stride and have educated themselves to expand their skills. Whatever the perspective, it has become evident that it’s not going away. As hospitals roll out the electronic health record (EHR) and radiology expands its use of the “cloud” to store images, clinical/biomedical engineering involvement will only increase.

A significant aspect of the EHR and the cloud relates to security. And, the truth is, these concerns move beyond health care. This week, the Air Force Association will hold its Second Annual CyberFutures Conference and Technology Exposition in National Harbor, Md, to explore what it calls “the nation’s newest and most challenging area of industry, commerce, government, and defense—cyber.”

For two days, attendees can connect with leaders from the Air Force, government, industry, and academia through sessions that will address such topics as “Securing the Cloud,” “21st Century Cyber Attacks,” and “Defending the Cyber Realm.” It will also feature a panel covering “Industrial Cyber Security.”

If you have taken networking courses, how much of the curriculum centered on security aspects?  I know many of you have been involved in EHR implementation, but what part has security played in this? Has it been a major focus? How is your hospital addressing this very important issue? Your tips are welcome.