Covidien, a provider of patient monitoring and respiratory care devices, announces its integration of its Nellcor pulse oximetry with OxiMax technology into GE Healthcare Giraffe and Panda infant warmers.

Integrating Nellcor SpO2 (blood oxygenation) monitoring, along with the SatSeconds alarm management system, enhances the respiratory support and resuscitation capabilities of GE Giraffe and Panda warmers and helps clinicians safely monitor and screen infants for life-threatening cardiac and respiratory complications, as well as standardize resuscitation protocols across the perinatal care area.

According to the news release, blood oxygenation readings can provide early warnings of dangerous health conditions and facilitate more rapid clinician response and resuscitation in situations in which every second counts. With Nellcor pulse oximetry integrated into the GE Giraffe and Panda warmer resuscitation and display panel, clinicians can easily monitor blood oxygenation levels of patients.

The warmers also have incorporated Covidien’s SatSeconds alarm management feature and support Nellcor SpO2 sensors that are designed for infant care. SatSeconds technology reduces clinically insignificant alarms by 60% in NICU settings, helping reduce alarm fatigue among clinicians and creating the quiet environment essential for the developmental care and health of newborns.