Israeli medical device cybersecurity startup Cynerio announces that it has completed a $7 million round of investment funding to fuel growth of its cybersecurity platform in North America. Cynerio was founded to deliver a cybersecurity product that is designed solely for healthcare providers, based on technology that analyzes the medical workflows in the Internet of Medical Things ecosystem.

The startup’s machine-learning-based technology incorporates four key components:

  1. Visibility: Automatic and ongoing discovery and classification of all medical devices on the network
  2. Risk analysis: Mapping the risk and vulnerabilities associated to the devices, enabling the healthcare organization to take measures to lower the risk
  3. Detection: Real time monitoring and anomaly detection with medical context consideration
  4. Protection: Stopping malicious communications, without disrupting device operation to ensure patient safety and data protection

“Cynerio is committed to protecting the future of healthcare by focusing on its weakest link: the connected medical devices and Internet of Medical Things,” says company CEO Leon Lerman. “We are delivering a tailor-made, healthcare driven solution for providers to ensure patient safety and data protection while maintaining operational continuity.”

John Halamka, MD, a Cynerio advisor and Harvard’s International Healthcare Innovation Professor & Chief Information Officer at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, also spoke out about the platform, commenting: “The security of connected devices is an issue that continues to plague the hospital ecosystem. I am delighted to work with Cynerio, on what I see to be one of the biggest cybersecurity challenges we currently face.”