Certain Baxter infusion pumps have been discovered to have multiple cybersecurity vulnerabilities, to which the company is now working on new software to patch onto the devices in an effort to address.

Researchers flagged cybersecurity concerns about Sigma pumps in 2015 and again in 2020. The latest set of issues relate to a particular firmware version used in the Sigma infusion pump and several versions of its associated WiFi battery.

Baxter has already made authentication available to address one of the vulnerabilities, which could have led to data leaks or manipulation, and has updated its instructions to mitigate the risk that people who acquire batteries on the secondary market will gain access to hospital WiFi credentials. 

“We have not identified any impact to patients or infusions to date. Additionally, we have determined that these vulnerabilities are controlled, meaning they are unlikely to impact patients.” Baxter said in an emailed statement.

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