ECRI Institute has released a new enhancement to its Alerts Tracker automated recall management solution. Automatch for Equipment is designed to automatically identify equipment models and supplies within a healthcare facility’s inventory that are impacted by an FDA alert or recall, and notify designated department staff. The new feature helps reduce the need for manual inventory searches, the organization says.

“We were the first to automatically match alerts automatically to a hospital’s supply inventory data,” says Eric Sacks, ECRI Institute’s director of healthcare product alerts. “We are excited to announce that with the release of Automatch for Equipment, we can now match each alert to our member hospitals’ inventory of affected equipment models as well, providing a more complete patient safety solution.”

The updated system cleans the data in a hospital or health system’s inventory by matching it to ECRI Institute’s standardized database of medical devices, eliminating duplications and disparities up front and offering greater efficiency, reliability, and patient safety for health organizations.

The new feature will debut at the AAMI Conference & Expo in June. For more information, visit the ECRI website.


Photo credit: © Lana Langlois |