The FDA is currently investigating which medical devices may be equipped with malfunctioning power cords posing an increased risk for sparking, charring, and fires.

In August, device manufacturer Hospira Inc recalled devices with defective cords by Electri-Cord Manufacturing Corp. AC power cords with a black plastic bridge manufactured by Electri-cord are currently the only ones affected.

Investigations conducted by the Hospira and Abbott Nutrition have determined that power cord prongs may crack and fail at/or inside the plug, potentially increasing the risk of electrical shock, delay in setup and therapy, interruption of therapy, device failure, and fires.

The FDA is currently investigating which devices may be equipped with these cords, and recommends users pay close attention to the wear and tear on electric cords, especially in oxygen rich environments, which pose a greater fire hazard.
Read the MedWatch safety summary on the FDA’s Web site.