NucleusHealth, based in San Diego, has received FDA premarket notification (510(k)) clearance for its technology. is a web-based, scalable, and secure cloud platform for medical image management. At the core is patented streaming technology that provides diagnostic workstation performance in a web browser. can improve collaboration and patient care via fast access to images, reduce IT overhead, is optimized for machine learning,, and provides flexibility and customization through numerous RESTful application program interfaces.

“We’re excited to bring our latest advance to today’s increasingly complex and demanding medical image management environment, where real-time provider access to medical images is critical,” says Claude Hooton, NucleusHealth president and chief operating officer. “ redefines the entire imaging ecosystem and improves medical image workflow in a highly secure, accessible and reliable fashion—from ingesting, delivering, and viewing medical images, to interpretation and storage.”

NucleusHealth plans to commercialize the new technology in software as a service (SaaS) modules and a platform as a service (PaaS) to allow the health care industry to take full advantage of cloud and streaming technologies without having to simultaneously decommission current enterprise image management solutions. Initial modules include: cost-effective cloud storage of images with fast web retrieval of the data; seamless exchange of imaging studies between health systems, caregivers, and patients; and a fully diagnostic, browser-based workstation for integration with electronic medical record systems.

In addition to the preliminary SaaS modules, if health systems or health care companies have clinical applications requiring the integration of medical images, they can benefit from deploying their applications on the PaaS. NucleusHealth also plans to launch a fully cloud-based image management SaaS solution for health systems seeking to replace their aging picture archiving and communication system.

“Traditional enterprise medical image management systems can be problematic for hospitals, administrators and providers due to access, latency, and cost,” says Chris Hafey, NucleusHealth chief technology officer. “The future of medical imaging is in the cloud, and the ability to access and manage images in a safe, secure, cloud-hosted environment is key to improving patient care and clinical workflow, and will be fundamental toreducing the escalating cost of delivering health care.”