Short Hills, N.J.-based 3NT Medical announces that the U.S. FDA has cleared its single-use Peregrine Drivable ENT Scope, which is designed to provide ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeons with advanced views of the sinus anatomy.

Access and visualization deep within the sinuses are challenges for ENT surgeons today. The anterior and lateral wall of the maxillary sinus, as well as the superior and lateral aspects of the frontal sinus, are difficult to reach endoscopically. As a result, pathology, such as inverted papilloma, most frequently recurs in tumors in those areas that are difficult to access.More than 500,000 patients undergo sinus surgery in the U.S. annually, the majority of whom receive simultaneous treatment for the maxillary and frontal sinuses.

The Peregrine Drivable ENT Scope allows ENT surgeons to access the furthest reaches of the sinuses to visualize anatomic landmarks up-close, with advanced image quality and minimal resection, both intra- and post-operatively. These benefits are achieved through novel mechanics, which enable the surgeon to angulate the device’s 2.3 mm tip sharply, and then advance it further in the direction of the turn, all through single-hand operation.

Peregrine can be used alongside the traditional 0° rigid endoscope, or as the main endoscope in the operating room. The small-footprint video console to which Peregrine is connected negates the need for bulky endoscopy towers that traditional endoscopes require. As a single-use sterile device, Peregrine aims to enhance safety for both patients and medical staff by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination, as well as the costs and inconvenience of sterilization that traditional capital endoscopes incur.

In a study comparing Peregrine to rigid endoscopes, Peregrine was able to view 100% of the frontal and sphenoid sinuses and 97.1% of the maxillary sinus compared to 45.3%, 53.3%, and 39.4%, respectively, for 4mm rigid endoscopes ranging from 0° to 70°.4

“Assessing the sinuses from a distance is now a thing of the past with Peregrine. This new scope joins our commercially-available Colibri Micro ENT Scope for otologists, and demonstrates that 3NT Medical is executing on its vision of creating a portfolio of endoscopes designed specifically for ENT use,” says 3NT Medical CEO Ehud Bendory. “We designed Peregrine exclusively for ENT surgeons to enable a better surgical experience for them as they strive to provide better outcomes and an enhanced experience for their patients.”