Paramus, N.J.-based Nuvolo and Scottsdale, Ariz.-based First Health Advisory (FHA) announce a suite of operational technology (OT) security risk management services to protect network connected medical and facilities devices.   

Network-connected medical devices (OT)—along with facilities systems like heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controls—are increasingly at risk for external cybersecurity attacks. This partnership addresses these security threats by combining comprehensive OT security mitigation services provided by FHA with OT security orchestration and automated response from Nuvolo. This new offering leverages OT security monitoring and discovery tools, natively integrated with Nuvolo’s medical and facilities device inventory system and common data model.    

“Our strategic partnership with Nuvolo is an important step forward in meeting the OT security needs of the healthcare community we serve,” says Carter Groome, FHA’s CEO. “By combining the capabilities of Nuvolo with First Health’s OT security risk management services, we will address crucial resource gaps and deliver on our mission to serve the security, privacy and OT orchestration needs of our clients.”    

The newly combined risk management services and Nuvolo solution capabilities will reduce the workloads of HTM teams; deliver up-to-the-minute statuses for stakeholders; and help ensure that OT devices and kept safe, accessible, and available, company officials say.   

“Protection of OT, including network connected medical and facilities devices, is mandatory for healthcare providers, OEMs and independent service organizations. With a growing and pervasive cyberthreat, OT security is now a prerequisite for ensuring patient and environmental safety,” adds Tom Stanford, CEO of Nuvolo. “For the first time, mature solutions are available to deliver OT device discovery together with security orchestration and automated response, coupled with expert resources to deliver on remediation and risk mitigation.” 

Stanford adds, “Nuvolo, in partnership with FHA can deliver expert visibility, advice, planning, and remediation for OT security, on demand. This important partnership is a core tenant of our go-to-market strategy for OT security globally. We are excited to lead the market with FHA, serve the community and help address a growing cybersecurity threat facing our healthcare customers.”