The last three sessions of American College of Clinical Engineering’s 2013 CCE Study Course will take place in October.

On October 2, the speakers will discuss best practices in educating others. This includes healthcare professionals who both use and manage devices.

October 9 will be about safety. This broad subject will be broken down into topics such as:

  • Patient and product safety
  • hazard alerts
  • recalls,
  • incident investigation
  • risk management
  • infection control
  • workplace safety practices (OSHA)
  • fire protection/safety (Life Safety Code)
  • radiation safety
  • hazardous materials
  • …and more

The CCE course comes to a close on October 16, with the topic of General Management. Learn more about developing a budget, managing personnel, policies and procedures, and other management activates.

Matthew Baretich, Tobey Clark, Ted Cohen, and Frank Painter will be the presenters on each occasion.

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