Three of of AAMI’s certification programs have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The association’s certifications for biomedical equipment technicians (CBET), laboratory equipment specialists (CLES), and radiology equipment specialists (CRES) were recognized by the respected standards body.

There are more than 3,000 people who hold CBET, CLES, and CRES credentials, demonstrating their commitment to the profession, mastery of skills, and experience in core competencies. These certifications also help highlight a professional’s ability to provide quality and trustworthy service, which ultimately leads to a safer, more reliable health care environment.

“Earning ANSI accreditation is a major milestone for the AAMI Credentials Institute (ACI),” says ACI Board Member George Mills, director of engineering at The Joint Commission and member of the AAMI Board of Directors. “The value of being recognized as a CBET, CLES, or CRES is enhanced with this recognition and shows the significant benefits these professionals bring to their organizations.”

ANSI accreditation is based on an international standard (ISO/IEC 17024) that ensures the use of best practices and involves an application process and onsite assessment. Only 57 organizations have received this recognition.

“I am delighted by the ANSI accreditation of the AAMI Credentials Institute’s certifications,” says ACI Board Chair Larry Hertzler, vice president of technical operations at Aramark in Charlotte, NC. “Adding the credibility and capability of the ANSI organization to AAMI’s reputation serves to further solidify how meaningful the CBET, CRES, and CLES certifications are to the industry.”

“We are so proud of this achievement,” says Sherrie Schulte, senior director of certification and the annual conference at AAMI. “It is a testament to the contributions of our volunteers who work to ensure that ACI-certified professionals represent the best in their field.”