This month AAMI published a list of resources for healthcare technology management (HTM) professionals as a seasonally themed “Ten Holiday Gifts from AAMI.” These resources, some of which have been previously covered in 24×7, are listed and described on the AAMI website and below, along with links for easy access and download.

1. Replacement Parts Checklist — Two checklists from AAMI’s Supportability Task Force, one for HTMs and one for manufacturers, are intended to assist with the development, selection, and use of replacement parts in healthcare technology.

2. How to Establish and Formalize an HTM Association — This guide from AAMI provides tips for establishing a successful local HTM association, including details on how to develop, sustain and promote the association.

3. FAQS for the Wireless Challenge in Healthcare — This document from AAMI’s Wireless Strategy Task Force provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding wireless issues in the healthcare environment.

4. Clinical Alarm Management Compendium — Advice and best practices from leading practitioners are compiled and outlined in this compendium, which is designed to help healthcare organizations meet The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal on clinical alarms.

5. Risk Principles and Medical Devices: A Postmarket Perspective — A special AAMI working group of industry executives, FDA representatives, and other experts developed this white paper, which covers six principles to guide the management of risk of medical devices.

6. AAMI’s Leadership Development Guide — This guide aims to provide HTM professionals with the information needed on how to advance their career to the next level.

7. Compendium: Medical Device Integration and Information — This compendium covers the fundamental concepts of multi-vendor device integration, medical device data archival systems, and room automation systems, and includes insights for planning, implementing, and sustaining integration initiatives.

8. HTM Levels Guide — This tool is designed to help HTM departments assess the value they currently provide to their organizations, and includes a checklist of key characteristics that help understand what services a department could add to advance to the next level.

9. Opioid Safety & Patient Monitoring — This is a compilation of conference proceedings that recount the experiences of families who suffered the death, or near death, of a loved one due to undetected respiratory depression. The proceedings highlight solutions proven to save lives and reduce patient injuries, and help in follow-up care and ICU transfers.

10. AAMI Career Planning Handbook — This guide will provide the information you need to grow in your current position or look for other career opportunities in HTM. It can help you find more enjoyment in your work, create meaningful career goals, and chart your path to advancement.

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